Thriving as a new parent

Parenthood is an intense and incredible experience.  This transformational time asks us to grow bigger, more resilient, more resourceful, and learn to flow with what is.

Learning to trust yourself

We need to learn to trust ourselves and how to cultivate our confidence. At Transform Parenting, we support parents to thrive through our courses and coaching for parents:

Thriving as a New Mum:

Thriving as a New Mum is a 10-week course, open to any new mother with a baby from 0 to 9 months old. Facilitated by Tracey, the course explores a new theme each week and brings new mums together to share the joys and challenges of new parenthood. 

Mums & Dads Package

Combine the Thriving as a New Mum and Thriving as a New Dad courses and save $50! (Regular price: $750 – get it for $700)
Once purchased, you will receive a unique code in which you can use to book straight in to the two courses.

Thriving as a New Dad:

Thriving as a New Dad is a 5-week online course, facilitated by Brendon. The classes are open to any new father or partner, whether this is your 1st or 4th child, without babies present. Thriving as a New Dad addresses a new theme each week and provides skills and support in navigating new parenthood, with a community of fellow fathers.

The Parenting Village

Facilitated by Tracey, the Parenting Village is a community of parents who come together each month to discuss different parenting concepts and techniques and how to apply them in everyday life. The Parenting Village membership includes a monthly theme, reflective journal prompts, a monthly community Zoom debrief, relaxations and ongoing support.

Parent Coaching:

Reading about parenting can be a great way of getting some ideas on “tips and tricks” when it comes to managing our children. Having a personal coach however, takes you beyond these “tips and tricks” into the world of growing WITH your children. Tracey brings a wealth of experience working with parents and children. She recognises that each child takes us on a ride towards being a ‘bigger’ version of you. Private one-hour parent coaching sessions with Tracey can be booked individually, or as a package.

How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

View my webinar and empower your partners to not just be token bystanders, by highlighting their role and making birth a team effort when welcoming babies.

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