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Gift the gift of a birth transformation.

A gift voucher for Transform Your Birth could change the course of your loved one’s life.  Learn more about the course here.

In Person $675

Hybrid Offer $550


Support for the parenting journey.

Give the gift of support for your loved ones as they emerge into the new phase of their parenting life.  Learn about the Mum group hereLearn about the Dad group here.

Mum’s group $500

Dad Group $250

Mum & Dad Package $700


It takes a Village to raise a baby.

Give the gift of The Village to provide ongoing parenting support spanning the phase of 0-7 years.  Learn about The Village Membership here.

Annual Access $350

6 Months $200

3 Months $105

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Tracey is the Founder and Director of Transform Parenting. A childbirth and parenting organisation that provides education, support and community to thousands of families across Australia.

She has worked with new parents for over 20 years. Helping them to overcome their fear of childbirth and supporting their transition into parenting for the first 7 years.

She also educates health professionals both in university, hospitals, and the community to understand the needs of parents during this time through many of her courses for health professionals.

Tracey is a Teacher, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Hypnotherapist, Breathing Educator, and Parent Coach. She has studied with, with many world renown experts in these fields.

People love her engaging teaching style, humour, and capacity to create the space for powerful insights and change to unfold.

She is the mother of 4 amazing sons, and a partner to her husband for over 30 years who she still quite likes. When she isn’t teaching, she is in the kitchen cooking for the masses, sitting by the fire crocheting or playing with her two shepherds.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Transform Your Birth Course, you can get in touch with us within 3 business days for a full refund of your purchase price.


“Tracey is a fantastic presenter, she is warm and makes you feel instantly at ease. We had such a good time at her weekend course, the information covered was so useful, made so much sense and has helped us so much. My husband said the same, he feels better equipped to support me as best he can to welcome our baby. Every soon to be parent needs to meet Tracey and take as much as possible from her incredible amount of knowledge and passion for the beauty and transformational power of birth.“

~ Elise

“Such an empowering course that inspires you to embrace what your body is capable of. To walk away from the course with tools and strategies that allow you to birth with love was the greatest gift. Both myself and my birthing partner felt supported and ready to embrace the birthing journey no matter how the birthing experience presented.“

~ Kim

“Tracey is a born educator. Her use of personal anecdotes – including fresh humour and digital media – mixed with information on empirical evidence – science on anatomy, physiology, hormones – and latest clinical and midwifery thinking is excellent. Tracey caters for all types of mums, with differing levels of knowledge and who seek and absorb data differently.”

~ Natalie

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