The Parenting Village

It takes a village to raise a happy family. In the absence of a village — let’s build one.

What if you didn’t have to do parenthood alone?

Without a support team or guidance, parenting can leave you feeling overwhelmed, lost in a sea of meltdowns (bubbas and yours!), and alone during perhaps the hardest part: the steady stream of self-doubt.

The early years of 1-5 are critical to a child’s development. And at times, our kids demand a lot of us! Your little one’s behaviour during this time is probably challenging. Issues around sleep, eating, aggression, socialising, going to daycare, separation anxiety — it can all come up here. 

Add two parents to the mix, each with their own views, and things can get very messy indeed!

There will be moments of joy, amazement, excitement, confusion, frustration — and honestly, it’s just plain hard sometimes! Which is where I come in.

Hello, dear one. I’m Tracey. 

I’ve been working with new parents for almost 20 years. Over that time, I’ve identified the struggles practically all parents will face — and seen one of the biggest ones is isolation.

We really want to see you both supported — individually and as a partnership. Your little ones won’t be this little for long, but we’re here for you while they are. 

That’s why we created The Parenting Village.

We are currently running the 2021 Parenting Village, and will be taking new enrolments in January 2022. Sign up to the waitlist so you don’t miss the boat.

The Parenting Village is perfect for you if:

    • You want to feel supported and inspired in your role as a parent. 
    • You’re craving dedicated time to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t as you parent your little one(s) through these formative early years. 
    • You’re nervous about drifting apart or taking different approaches to parenting from your partner. You want to be on the same page as you parent together — or actively working towards being that way.
    • You’ve completed our ‘Thriving as a New Mum’ or ‘Thriving as a New Dad’ group, and you’re wondering what happens next? You don’t want to be left out in the choppy waters of new parenthood!
    • You are open to changing yourself, and opening yourself up to personal growth (in which case, you will love it).

Our village is virtual, but personal 

As a community of parents, we’ll come together every month to discuss different parenting concepts and techniques and how you can apply these in everyday life — exploring key themes such as:

    1. Unity within your partnership, family and community
    2. Family structure and roles, routines or rhythms
    3. Cultivating emotional connection
    4. Healthy eating
    5. Sleeping habits
    6. Acceptance (and being OK in the chaos)
    7. Attunement with your child (and being able to read them)
    8. Creative responses and flexibility
    9. Healthy structures, limits and boundaries
    10. Role-modelling (your child is a mimic!)
    11. Cultivating altruism — kindness, helpfulness, contribution
    12. Sense of humour, fun, and play

Together we’ll troubleshoot these themes and reflect on them, while forming a village of parents like no other. A community that will support you and be there for you every month — as you all journey through the trials and tribulations of toddlerhood (and beyond!).

What’s included in your monthly membership: 

monthly theme to guide our "work"

By having themes laid out for you, you’ll get more out of this experience. You’ll receive a video with a teaching on that month’s parenting theme, technique or concept — keeping you intentional and aligned as you parent


So much of our parenting relies on our own personal growth as humans. These journaling prompts spark breakthroughs and self-awareness, and shift your responses to your children’s behaviours. It isn’t just the children who are growing. We are too!


informative blog post tO keep learnIng

I will share fundamentals about children’s behaviour and development are essential when it comes to managing those difficult moments! And you’ll get tools and tips on how brain development and identity begin forming your little one’s actions!

Relaxation exercises for stress management

To help you stay cool as a cucumber, even when your little one presses all your buttons! Better stress management tools = better connection with your kids.


Debrief the month

In the last week of each month, we will gather on Zoom to share, laugh, cry, troubleshoot, and challenge each other to step into our unique magnificence as parents. 

Ongoing Support

Each call will be like being wrapped in a warm blanket of non-judgemental love and support from myself and your fellow parents. (Not my words — they’re straight from the mouth of a client.). 

Investing in you and your village:

Just $25 a month.

This is your chance to join at this lower introductory rate, and keep it for the duration of your membership.  We’ve designed this program to be accessible and affordable — but the price will be going up after this first intake.   

CANCEL ANYTIME: There’s no pressure to stay.


Join The Parenting Village

A magical container for us to connect, reflect, learn and grow alongside one another, for a small financial and time commitment, with magical results. Like:

  • More peace and presence in your day-to-day parenting. 
  • Fewer frayed nerves because you actually have stress management tools to support yourself with. 
  • Creating a tangible sense of parenting unity with your partner. 
  • Feeling calmer, and more confident in how to deal with your child’s changing behaviour — because you understand it, and you know you’re not alone.  
  • Being better able to connect with your kids (and your partner) through the highs and lows of toddlerhood.  

Go from overwhelmed to empowered in as little as one month
(& get the support you need to thrive in + enjoy your role as parents.)

A closing word from Tracey:

When we become parents, we often feel deep inside that we should know what we are doing; and that parenting should somehow be instinctive. When the truth is, parenting requires trial and error! Anytime we act in a way that makes things worse, that is our opportunity to stop and take stock. Review, reflect and ask, “How can I do it better next time?” 

That is what this community is. A resting place, to reflect, get on the same page as your partner, receive loving support, tap into a reservoir of knowledge, work out creative ways to respond to your children that help them to learn  — and for you to feel that you are growing alongside your kids too.  

Frequently Asked Questions

So can I join with my partner?

Yes! In fact, we recommend it! One of the benefits of this membership is building a strong parenting partnership.

Because teamwork truly is the key to the stamina, creativity and growth that young children demand of us. And dedicating time to reflect and grow your parenting muscles together is one of the best investments you can make towards your family’s future.

This program will help you two to get on the same page when it comes to parenting, have each other’s back, work as a team, and appreciate one another’s unique contribution to your children.

You can join together at the flat joining fee of $25 per month. 

What if I'm a single parent, can I still join?

Absolutely! This program is designed to support all parents, in all circumstances.

Am I committed for a certain period when I join?

No! This is a rolling membership that you can cancel anytime you wish. There is no pressure to stay. Just jump on the train and give it a try, dear ones.

What time are the calls?

Zoom sessions will be the last Tuesday of each month, 7:45-9pm Canberra time. The first one is the 27th July and will be recorded if you can’t make it.

I feel really confident in my parenting already — is this for me?

Absolutely! Even if you are feeling confident about your parenting, this is still for you, because you know your children are always changing – and always throwing new challenges into the mix! How supportive to have resources, support, and collaboration with your partner as you navigate the landscape of parenting.

If I cancel my membership, can I come back at a later date?

Yes! We will be taking parents into the program every 6 month, in January and July, so you would be able to come back and join us in the next enrollment. 


We love our parents & our parents love us.

This is an absolutely amazing course. Tracey is a caring and heartfelt facilitator. I cried and laughed with other like-minded women as we shared our journeys as new mothers. Each week was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of love. It was the perfect empathy tonic during my first weeks of parenthood. I appreciated that all voices were heard and respected.” 

“I loved this course. It truly changed my whole outlook on stress management in general. Tracey is amazing. 11 out of 10 stars

Hope, October 2020

Tracey’s mothers’ program created a strong and supportive community of new mums in uncertain times.  Tracey expertly guided our online course to build up each mothers’ resilience and self-confidence, empowering us to find our tribe while listening to our inner wisdom.

Eve, April 2020

Attending the Thriving as a New Mum really helped me adjust into my new role as a mum – I could not have imagined the first three months with my baby without it! The classes enabled me to give myself the permission to re-adjust my priorities and really enjoy becoming a  new mum. The holistic nature of the classes also enabled me to reflect on many aspects of life and how those areas of life may change or adapt whilst welcoming a new baby into our family. Thank you so much to Tracey for her incredible work with mothers, it truly is magical and priceless.

Lisa, April 2021

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