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If you love working with birth and new parents, then you will truly love this.

A Message From Tracey

If you love working with birth and new parents, then you will truly love this.

The birth can be a wonderful catalyst to open and expand the woman for her new role as a parent, however our culture does not acknowledge what a ‘rite of passage’ (or transformation) this is. We focus on the wrong things – like making sure we have all the stuff. We give new mothers lots of advice which serves to confuse them and causes them to look outside themselves for the answers to their baby. 

This is a critical time of growth and expansion, and too often women are isolated, and left feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. I have watched the most anxious mothers transform through the safety and magic that happens in these groups –  I feel it is time now to shine a light on this sensitive and critical time.

Running groups like this, both face-to-face and online, will give you enormous satisfaction. Let’s learn together to bring back the joy of parenting through this sacred time. I’d love to work with you.

Preparing Women for Birth & Beyond

Meeting women where they are at is one of the most challenging parts of being a midwife. What are the things we can teach women that will really make a difference on the day, and prepare them for the challenges of being a new mother? I will share with you my observations of thousands of women before and after the birth, and their feedback about what made the biggest difference. We will explore the deep relaxation response, partner inclusion, the rules of the subconscious mind and the resulting biological environment. I will introduce you to the latest science around these areas.

April 2024, final dates coming soon


Time: 9am – 12pm (final dates coming soon)

Facilitator: Tracey

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: $245
** NOTE – when booking, select available date and you will be notified of actual dates closer to the event. **

Breathing Retraining for You and Your Clients 

Breathing during birth is a powerful tool in helping mothers to navigate the intensity of labour, and managing stress under all circumstances of birth. There is a lot of misinformation around what good breathing is, which is ultimately about getting more blood and oxygen to the uterus and the baby. I will explain the physiology of breathing, and put it in the context of labour, birth and using it to alleviate the stress of new motherhood. I will show you how to coach a woman to improve her breathing, even in the midst of labour – and how to educate women to use their breathing to manage their new role and breastfeeding pain.

14th March - 2nd May


Time: 6.30pm – 8pm AEST

Facilitator: Tracey

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: $1400

Thriving As A New Parent

I have been working with new mothers groups for almost 20 years. Over that time I have identified the struggles almost all women will face, and developed a ten-week program designed to support the mothers and fathers to transform their experience. Unlike other new parent groups, we focus on the parents, not the baby. Transform Parenting has been running these groups for new parents and due to popular demand, is now making this valuable information available to other health professionals working with new parents and anyone who is running new parent groups.


About the Classes

Our participants;

  • Develop a powerful mindset and relax into the experience of motherhood.
  • Develop powerful connections with other parents experiencing the same thing at the same time.
  • Learn to understand the journey of parenthood and our changes in identity.
  • Develop more realistic expectations around what is normal during this time.
  • Develop skills and tools to navigate the changing nature of relationships.
  • Are given practices and weekly challenges to change their responses and experiences around parenting.
  • Navigate the priorities of life after a new baby is born
  • Talk about the practical aspects of creating a good parenting environment.
  • Each week, participants are given a weekly challenge, designed to enhance their experience as a new mum.

Topics include;

  • Parenting in this era – and why it is so hard.
  •  Self Identity and Self Discovery
  • Dealing with Challenging Relationships
  •  Feeding and expressing love
  •  The artful work of intuitive parenting
  • Managing changing priorities and creating contentment
  • Let’s talk about sex
  • Debriefing our birth stories
  • Creating family Rituals
  • Creating Community and the village.

Thriving as a New Parent consists of five weeks, in a 2-hour per week online Zoom conference. If you cannot attend the Zoom conference, it will be recorded for further reference and sent to all participants. The course also includes the manual.

About Transform Parenting

Transform Parenting a Centre in Canberra that supports parents through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We have highly qualified and experienced educators who run calmbirth, new parent groups, workshops for parents of young children, parent coaching and rapid transformational therapy. We set up our families with education and resources as they navigate the early parenting period.

8th Feb - 7th March 2024

Facilitating Thriving as a New Parent Course

Time: 6.30pm  – 8.30pm AEST

Facilitator: Tracey

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: $895

More about Tracey

Tracey Anderson Askew is the Director of Transform Parenting, The Better Breathing Centre and Transform Parenting Canberra. She has been working with new parents for almost 20 years and is in the unique position of following them through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Over this time she has trained extensively in breathing retraining, Rapid Transformational Therapy and the mind-body sciences that bring a greater understanding to transforming people’s experience from surviving – to thriving.

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