Birth Debrief

with Tracey

Are you thinking a lot about your birth experience?
Are you struggling with big emotions when you think of the birth, or difficult thoughts?
Have you been having flashbacks?

You might need some help to make something of this experience,
so you can feel like you’re moving forward and not stuck.

Birth is one hell of a ride.

We’re literally walking into the mystery of the great unknown.
It’s not something you can control, and there are many forces on the day that influence the way things ultimately unfold. Tracey has a background in hypnotherapy and has studied with the ‘Traumatic Birth Recovery College’ in the UK. She has trained midwives in debriefing birth stories and provided this service to her families for almost two decades.
Having listened to thousands of birth stories both in groups and individually, she will listen to your birth story and support you in moving forward.
As part of these sessions, she creates a personalised audio recording for you to listen to. This supports your ongoing healing and integration of this experience, taking the learnings and moving forward.