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Tracey covers the following:

– The power of knowledge and mindset
– Breathing and relaxation
– Questions and answers

About Transform Parenting

Welcome to our Transform Parenting Centre, a selection of programs that have been designed from Tracey Anderson Askew’s 20 years of experience working with new parents. 
Transform Parenting is about transforming yourself, to grow with your children. 
We’re ultimately stepping into the bigger, better, wiser parts of ourselves and our potential. Transform Parenting will guide you along this path. 

For Pregnancy

If I was to go and ask 100 people to tell me what comes to mind when they hear the word ‘childbirth’ – what would they say? Pain. When you think about this, you realise the inherent problem we have as a culture when it comes to childbirth. Unfortunately, we focus on the pain. We make childbirth about the pain, and how to avoid as much pain as we can.

We need to create a different narrative, and a different reality for all women when they go to give birth. Childbirth is about having and welcoming a new baby.

We need women and their partners to understand that childbirth can be a very different experience. How? By choosing and adopting a particular mindset when having a baby.

You see, science tells us this;

  • The body and the mind are connected.
  • What you think, causes the body to create biochemistry which results in that feeling. This feeling communicates to your body how to respond to the environment, both real and imagined. Therefore, what you think about childbirth, will influence how your body responds to the birthing process.
  • If you’re scared of childbirth, your body will create a stress response. This makes childbirth harder and more painful.
  • If you feel calm and confident and relaxed about birth, free of fear, your body will respond to labour in a very different way. I call this the path of least resistance.
  • What we fear, we fuel. What we resist, persists.

For New Parents

Thriving as a New Mum or Thriving as a New Dad, is a program developed over 20 years by Tracey Anderson Askew. Tracey knows the challenges of modern parents. She has devised a program that unlocks the issues, and puts forward powerful tools and mindsets. This will transform your experience of the intense learning curve that comes with having a new baby.

The focus is on you, the parent, more so than the baby. Our courses are delivered in a safe learning environment, with other mums or dads going through the same experiences.

For Parents of Toddlers & Preschoolers


Young children can be tricky and require understanding and patience. Very few of us have had experiences with young children before we have our own. During this two hour Transform Parenting workshop, you will learn to understand:

  • what children need,
  • how they develop, and
  • what you can do to manage and enjoy your young child.

Tuning into kids:

For those wanting to develop their skills further as a parent, we offer you the opportunity for a 6-week program. This program runs once a week over 2 hours. It is an intensive experience that really helps to change the dynamics within your family towards growing and learning as parents.

Tuning into Kids is a program based on a wonderful program developed by psychologists. They have taken the research and translated it into easy and workable strategies for dealing with young children.

Coaching & Rapid Transformational Therapy

As parents, we can discover our own personal issues that prevent us from really enjoying our children and meeting their unique needs.

 At Transform Parenting, we offer two options to working with individuals or couples.

Parent Coaching

We discuss your personal challenges as a family, and develop some practical ways to navigate the challenges – learning to do things differently.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Tracey offers one-on-one opportunities to work with the deeper parts of your subconscious using a powerful therapeutic model.

This is the part of your brain that holds the key to our own growth as a person and a parent.

Meet Your Facilitators

Tracey Anderson Askew

Tracey is the Director of Transform Parenting. She has 20 years experience and has worked with over 6000 new parents. She has four children and absolutely loves watching people change from being anxious about having their baby, to excited to becoming a parent.

Brendon Le Lievre

Brendon works with dads one-on-one and in groups as a dad coach to help set goals, develop strategies and  navigate new responsibilities. He is a dad himself and enjoys working with other dads to help balance parenting, career, relationships and themselves to be great dads.


Emily is an AHPRA-registered clinical psychologist and mum to three young children. She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is an experienced lecturer in the area of childhood development. Emily specialises in attachment, cognitive, social, and emotional development, as well as clinical childhood difficulties. Emily is an experienced group facilitator and is passionate about promoting and encouraging emotional intelligence in children.



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