Transform Your Birth

Everything you need to know to Transform Your Birth, and your experience of becoming a parent.


Have you been feeling nervous or scared about the pain of giving birth?
Are you worried about birth injury?
Have you become overwhelmed by all the information you have googled?
Or perhaps you feel called to birth more consciously, rather than just gritting your teeth and “getting through it”?

Either way, you’re in the right place, dear one.

Tracey takes the fear and overwhelm away

distilling it down to a simplicity that makes it doable
– for both you and your partner.


It isn’t just a birth course!

tracey anderson askew transform parenting


We have a full system of education, support and community – so that you don’t just get the baby out – but have what you need for the bigger journey on the other side!

We are not just a birth course!

We have a system of support that has you covered all the way through, from pregnancy to the first seven years of a child’s life. Transform Parenting will guide you along this path, by teaching you the knowledge, practical tools, and skills you need to “retrain” your nervous system, so you are ready for anything.

System of Support

2-Day workshop for you & your birthing partner

Fortnightly catch up zoom sessions preparing you for parenthood

Professional referral system so you can access the best support, when you need it.

Preparation journal for you and your partner + 10 audio tracks

After The Birth

Other Services

After The Birth

Weekly catchup zoom sessions responding to your every need

Other Services

Birth Debriefing & Integration

New Parent Groups for Mum & Dad

Parent Coacing & Therapy

The Village Membership

Class Details

Your Investment


This includes:
  • 2-day workshop for you and your partner
  • Fortnightly catchup Zoom sessions preparing you for parenthood
  • Weekly catchups to support life with a new baby
  • Professional referral system
  • Ongoing phone and email support

Classes do sell out fast. Please book your place to guarantee your spot in a class.

*Payment plans are available

How to book…

Step One:
Step Two:
  • Book your class by paying the full amount OR $150 deposit payment.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Transform Your Birth Course, you can get in touch with us within 3 business days for a full refund of your purchase price.

We have you covered…

for whatever you need, when you need it, from pregnancy to the first 7 years of your child’s life.

What you will learn in the birth course

Over 2 days we’ll delve into:

  • What happens to your body during birth, and the science of how your mind can affect how labour feels and unfolds.
  • Practical tools and relaxation/breathing exercises to maintain an optimal emotional state during labour, and down-regulate your body’s stress response — helping labour feel easier and less painful.
  • How to be safely involved in any decision-making with your medical team — rather than feeling intimidated, or as if you don’t have any say in what happens during your birth.
  • What your partner can do in the labour room to support you emotionally and physically — boosting their confidence, and bonding the two of you as you welcome your baby to the world, together.
  • What your baby needs when they arrive – settling into life outside the womb.
  • And so much more!

The Truth is birth can be different

It’s not something we have to fear, or dread.
Because whilst we can’t control birth completely, science shows us that we can influence it.

Its about training the mind

Learning to harness our mind’s ability to impact our body is the key to handling the intensity of birth — and making labour easier, less painful, and even enjoyable.

It does, however, for most of us, take training.

This is what we do!

With our Transform Your Birth class, you’ll get the knowledge + practical tools and skills you need to “retrain” your nervous system — so you don’t just think differently about birth…you labour differently.

tracey anderson askew transform parenting


Are you ready to think differently about birth?

Prepare yourself with life-changing new skills and tools to support you in your birthing journey.

The Online Program

Tracey Anderson Askew offers an online course for all students who cannot attend the classes in person. She uses her extensive experience as a trainer, to guide you through her knowledge, and course material online, so you don’t miss a beat. You will learn all the practical tools and retrain the nervous system to transform your mind and birth, all from the comfort of your home.

What people are saying

“Tracey is a born educator. Her use of personal anecdotes – including fresh humour and digital media – mixed with information on empirical evidence – science on anatomy, physiology, hormones – and latest clinical and midwifery thinking is excellent. Tracey caters for all types of mums, with differing levels of knowledge and who seek and absorb data differently.”

– Natalie

What people are saying

Tracey is a fantastic presenter, she is warm and makes you feel instantly at ease. We had such a good time at her weekend course, the information covered was so useful, made so much sense and has helped us so much. My husband said the same, he feels better equipped to support me as best he can to welcome our baby. Every soon to be parent needs to meet Tracey and take as much as possible from her incredible amount of knowledge and passion for the beauty and transformational power of birth.

– Elise

What people are saying

Such an empowering course that inspires you to embrace what your body is capable of. To walk away from the course with tools and strategies that allow you to birth with love was the greatest gift. Both myself and my birthing partner felt supported and ready to embrace the birthing journey no matter how the birthing experience presented.

– Kim

Frequently asked q's

When is the ideal time to attend Transform Your Birth?

We see couples in all stages of their pregnancies; however, we find it is most beneficial for couples to come in their second trimester or at the beginning of their third trimester (approx. 30 weeks). This will allow enough time before your due date to practice the relaxation activities assigned to you by your Transform Your Birth Educator and fit in a Transform Your Birth pre-natal catch-up group visit. 

If you’re feeling particularly anxious about birth in your early pregnancy, please feel free to attend earlier. We also offer opportunities to revisit our birth classes prior to birth. 

If there is a higher chance you might need to have a caesarean section, please contact us before enrolling and we can assess your needs and potentially offer you an alternative form of birth preparation specific to your circumstances.

What to do when your preferred class is full

If your preferred Transform Your Birth class is booked out, please contact the office to be put on the waiting list as there may be a late cancellation. For any queries about class dates please email hello@transformparenting.com.au. Include your phone number, due date, and preferred appointment date in the email.

Is this course suitable for planned cesareans?

If you are planning a cesarean section, we recommend booking a private 2-hour session with Tracey. This session will cover specific topics relevant when having a cesarean, such as: preparing for the birth, the role of the mind in birth, breathing physiology, relaxation and visualisation, and the partner's role in the birth. A private session costs $525.

What is your Refund Policy?

A non-refundable deposit of $150 is payable upon enrollment in the Transform Your Birth course. The remaining balance is refundable up until seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the course. A refund of the balance after this date will be considered in exceptional circumstances such as premature birthing, and is at the discretion of the Course Facilitator.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes. Payment plans are available. Please contact hello@transformparenting.com.au after enrolment if you wish to organise a payment plan for the remaining $525 amount. Please note: A $30 administration fee will apply and all payments must be paid prior to commencing the class.

Can I claim on Insurance?

Tracey is a registered and accredited Childbirth Educator, however Private Health Insurers generally don’t provide rebates for Childbirth Educators, only midwives. We recommend contacting your health provider to check if it is claimable. You can then contact our office at hello@transformparenting.com.au to obtain a detailed invoice if required.

More about the sponsorship program...

Please consider supporting the Transform Your Birth Canberra course to reach out to all women and their families by participating in this program and nominating a fee to suit your circumstances. As a result of the sponsorship fund, there are places available to those who really would like to do the course, but due to financial situations are unable to pay the full amount. These places are funded by other generous participants who have understood the immense value of this program and would like to support others to access it regardless of financial status. If you really would like to do the course, and would like to access some support from this fund, please contact us at hello@transformparenting.com.au with your request.

Can I purchase a Gift Voucher?

You can buy your loved one a Transform Your Birth gift voucher to use on any available class they choose. Purchase a gift voucher HERE.

Can I book in a birth debrief if I didn't attend Transform Your Birth?

Yes, a birth debrief is a great opportunity to talk about your birth experience, especially if you experienced any unexpected turns or difficult situations. Feel free to book your birth debrief here.

How can I pay with AfterPay?

If you would like to pay with AfterPay, please signup for your preferred class and pay the deposit amount. You can then let us know that you would like to pay the final amount using AfterPay and we will send you a separate link to make that payment.
Please note: AfterPay will incur a $25 admin fee.

Sponsorship fund

The sponsorship fund is available to those who would like to do the course, but due to financial situations are unable to pay the full amount. It is funded by other generous participants who understand the immense value of the program to support others to access it regardless of financial status.

transform parenting thriving as a new mum

Your facilitator

Tracey is the Founder and Director of Transform Parenting. A childbirth and parenting organisation that provides education, support and community to thousands of families across Australia.

She has worked with new parents for over 20 years. Helping them to overcome their fear of childbirth and supporting their transition into parenting for the first 7 years.

She also educates health professionals both in university, hospitals, and the community to understand the needs of parents during this time through many of her courses for health professionals.

Tracey is a Teacher, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Hypnotherapist, Breathing Educator, and Parent Coach. She has studied with, with many world renown experts in these fields.

People love her engaging teaching style, humour, and capacity to create the space for powerful insights and change to unfold.

She is the mother of 4 amazing sons, and a partner to her husband for over 30 years who she still quite likes. When she isn’t teaching, she is in the kitchen cooking for the masses, sitting by the fire crocheting or playing with her two shepherds.


Are you ready to think differently about birth?

Prepare yourself with life-changing new skills and tools to support you in your birthing journey.