Transform Your Birth

I help pregnant couples birth calmly and confidently under all circumstances, with a 12 hour “’Transform Your Birth’ class
delivered face-to-face, via zoom, or online.

Have you been feeling nervous or scared about giving birth?

Or perhaps you feel called to birth more consciously, rather than just gritting your teeth and “getting through it”? 

Either way, you’re in the right place, dear one.

Transform Parenting | Calmbirth Canberra

The truth is, birth can be different.
It’s not something we have to fear, or dread.
Because whilst we can’t control birth completely, science shows us that we can influence it.

Learning to harness our mind’s ability to impact our body is the key to handling the mystery and intensity of birth — and making labour easier, less painful, and even enjoyable. It does, however, for most of us, take training!

This is what we do.
With our Transform Your Birth class, you’ll get the knowledge + practical tools and skills you need to “retrain” your nervous system — so you don’t just think differently about birth…you labour differently.

Over 12 hours we’ll delve into:

  • What happens to your body during birth, and the science of how your mind can affect how labour feels and unfolds. 
  • Practical tools and relaxation/breathing exercises to maintain an optimal emotional state during labour, and down-regulate your body’s stress response — helping labour feel easier and less painful. 
  • How to be safely involved in any decision-making with your medical team — rather than feeling intimidated, or as if you don’t have any say in what happens during your birth.  
  • What your partner can do in the labour room to support you emotionally and physically — boosting their confidence, and bonding the two of you as you welcome your baby to the world, together. 
  • And so much more!

We’re on a mission to help transform the culture of childbirth from something scary, to something beautiful, that we can each embrace, understand…and even get excited about. (Really!) We’d love for you to become part of our incredible community.

Not ready to commit to the full two-day class?

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Meet Your Teacher, Tracey Anderson Askew

How did I become a childbirth
and parenting educator?


I started as a teacher with a deep love and fascination for children. I learned everything I could about child development and what helps build potential. My classes were dynamic and reflected all learning styles, and the kids loved me because I kept it fun and engaging.

I thought I was going to be an amazing mum when I decided to have my own family, with all the things I knew. I knew so much about kids and secretly thought parenting would be a breeze.

Well, having 4 boys shattered that illusion and pursuit for perfection I was so intent on.

I did have a great start though. I had 4 amazing births, not all straightforward, but each one taught me incredible things– to let go, to trust my body, to accept help, to discover I had more in me than I thought. I had incredible support to do this and I wanted others to have the same. That’s when I became a doula and also ran new mothers’ support groups.

While I was raising my children, I was fascinated by other people’s experiences and realised how poorly prepared we are, and sadly influenced by the myths we perpetuate in the media about how birth is. I then went back to study and did a graduate diploma in Childbirth Education.

When I started running my own classes, they were very popular because they were different from the hospital classes and addressed more of the psychology of giving birth. As I watched more and more people go through this, I realised just what a mystery birth is. It doesn’t matter how well you prepare – anything can happen on the day. This caused me to wonder how I can help people prepare for the mystery, the great unknown. As a childbirth educator, what can I do to make a real difference in how women go through birth and get ready to parent?

That’s when I came across a wonderful man by the name of Peter Jackson, who was the founder of Calmbirth. Peter helped me to see more clearly the role of the mind, particularly the subconscious mind, in the birth process. I trained with Peter and brought Calmbirth to Canberra in 2006. Over the years I’ve worked with over 3000 families from birth and often through early parenting, as more and more people keep coming back for more understanding of their children and their personal growth as parents. 


In 2019 we changed our name to Transform Parenting, as it encapsulates the understanding that we do transform as parents and that we can better meet the ever-changing needs of our kids when we become conscious of our transformation.

I have now left Calmbirth to deliver a birth course that is a culmination in my personal experience and training, working directly with world-leading educators, authors, and researchers in this space. 

There is more information coming out every day about the power of our thoughts to influence our reality, and I love watching people open up to the realisation that they have a great deal to contribute to the birth process to not just survive it, but to thrive.

I’m so proud of the community we have created, and I would love you all to be a part of it.