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Growing alongside your children.

About Transform Parenting Coaching:

Reading about parenting can be a great way of getting some ideas on “tips and tricks” when it comes to managing our children. Having a parenting coach, however, takes you beyond this into the world of growing WITH your children.

Transform Parenting recognises that each child takes us on a ride towards being a ‘bigger’ version of ourselves.

Tips and tricks will only take you so far, it’s the internal shifts that take place when we step back and see the bigger picture. When we do this, we see the deeper truth behind our behaviour and our children’s behaviour. We realise that it’s all connected – our children are reflecting back at us what they learn from us.

These parent coaching sessions can be arranged face-to-face or online via Zoom, depending on the location of the coach.

tracey anderson askew transform parenting

Tracey Anderson Askew:

Childbirth & Parent Educator
Tracey is incredibly insightful when it comes to identifying what’s really going on, and helping you to make those changes within you first. The children then follow. She is knowledgeable and uses humour to challenge you to be the best parent you can be.
  • Identifying the ‘biggest weed in the garden’ – the one thing we can address that will make the biggest difference.
  • Asking questions to identify and understand what might be behind the behaviour.
  • Understanding developmental stages within your child. What they are truly capable of at this age and stage.
  • Ways to reconnect with the child – before correcting the behaviour.
  • Identifying your own stressors and drivers behind your reactions.
  • A plan to move your relationship with your child into more ‘growth-oriented’ relationship.
tracey anderson askew transform parenting

Joss Goulden

Parenting Coach/Mentor

Joss is a parenting coach and mentor who supports families to create more connection, awareness and joy in parenting. She is a level 2 Aware Parenting instructor certified with the Aware Parenting Institute and has been practising it for 17 years. Joss is the mother of 2 children, aged 19 and 17.

Joss is passionate about sharing this beautiful approach with parents. She loves Aware Parenting because it creates strong, connected relationships in our families and gives parents the tools, based on scientific research, to support our children to be cooperative, connected to their authentic selves and loving. She believes that Aware Parenting is THE solution for so many of the challenges facing the world.

She is also really passionate about Homeschooling and Natural Learning.


shae cox parent coach transform parenting

Shae Cox – Founder of Connection Village

Holistic Infant & Child Sleep Consultant, and Conscious Parenting Coach

Shae is a highly regarded holistic sleep consultant and conscious parenting coach who works with families across the world, providing mentoring and educational support to help them cultivate emotional wellbeing and connection from conception and beyond.

With many years of experience in the sector, Shae has connection at the heart of her approach, embracing holistic, gentle and nurturing methodologies to establish a connection and bond between parents and their children to cultivate emotional wellbeing throughout their entire family

shae cox parent coach transform parenting

Having supported hundreds of families, Shae launched Connection Village in 2020  to share her expertise within a village of prenatal, newborn, early childhood and parenting experts to support as many families as possible.

Shae is also a mother of three children of her own, her greatest teachers. Although family time in a busy family of five may appear chaotic, Shae finds she is happiest when playing and connecting with her children. That said, she is a long proponent of the power of putting on your own oxygen mask. She practices self-care by having long brunches with friends, hitting the gym, doing yoga and enjoying the serenity of the ocean on her stand up paddle board.

Matt Musgrave

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed Mental Health Counsellor

Matt is on a mission to create spaces for men & fathers to experience their full complexity free from shame, secrecy or judgement. He has been working with dads in various capacities for over 6 years, with a particular focus on facilitating men’s groups as well as individual counselling and coaching. Matt is a dad to two young boys and intimately knows the pressures, struggles and expectations that come with transitioning to fatherhood.

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If you would like to be coached by Joss, Shae or Matt, please email us at hello@transformparenting.com.au.

Rapid Transformation Therapy:

If you have realised that a large part of your parenting challenges are related to your personal experiences of being parented or any traumas or struggles you have experienced in your own life, and you would like some help in changing this, Tracey offers a powerful form of therapy to ‘upgrade’ your limiting beliefs and perceptions.

Rapid Transformational Therapy was developed by world acclaimed therapist Marisa Peer. Tracey has been personally trained by Marisa, and has a high level of experience and capability of working with her method.

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