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“Tracey is a born educator. Her use of personal anecdotes – including fresh humour and digital media – mixed with information on empirical evidence – science on anatomy, physiology, hormones – and latest clinical and midwifery thinking is excellent. Tracey caters for all types of Mums, with differing levels of knowledge and who seek and absorb data differently.”

“I loved that we did this course so early in our pregnancy. It has put us both in such a positive mindset about birth, and we know that we can do it together as team.”

Tracey’s mothers’ program created a strong and supportive community of new mums in uncertain times.  Tracey expertly guided our online course to build up each mothers’ resilience and self-confidence, empowering us to find our tribe while listening to our inner wisdom”

“Loved this course! We both learnt so much and feel more confident and at ease about what’s ahead. Tracey is an engaging presenter who has an incredible wealth of knowledge and calming nature. We will definitely be spreading the word about Transform Parenting and can’t wait to tell you our birth story.”

“My husband was a bit skeptical before attending but we both loved it, Tracey was amazing she was so informative and supportive. I would recommend her 1000 times over!!”

“Not a week goes past when I don’t think about some aspect of that Talking With Toddlers workshop I took last year. It has truly transformed my parenting. Sometimes I laugh when I think about what you said about how a person would treat their partner if they’d had a bad day — you wouldn’t shake a toy in their face or start slapping their bottom! You’d just listen. I can’t get that hilarious image out of my head!!”

“Thank you Tracey! I knew I would love it and I was really happy to see how much my husband benefited from it too. He feels more prepared then he did with our first and that can only benefit me and our baby!”

“The course was fantastic and I will be recommending Transform Parenting to everyone I know. The best part of this course was the confidence that my partner and I achieved, not just in ourselves but in each other. The amount and the quality of information we received has made us feel prepared for birth and ready to be in control of our own loving birth story.”

“Excellent balance of theory and practice. Use of videos really helped reinforce key messages. Really made my partner and I feel so much more informed and confident about our ability to cope with labour and birth. It was amazing!”

“I was especially grateful to Tracey for how she made my Mum feel included and how this made me feel more confident about giving birth with Mum’s love and support. Tracey would check-in on us occasionally given we were dealing with different factors, like Mum’s own birthing experiences that we wanted not to distract or inject unnecessary anxiety or outdated thinking into my birth experience. We came out of the course feeling really excited to be sharing this special journey together.”

After attending Tracey’s birthing program, I realised that for the first time I was excited about giving birth!  Tracey’s birth wisdom, extensive professional experience and warm personality were the best possible preparation for me in stepping onto my path of motherhood with confidence and calm. Tracey will support you to identify and articulate your birth preferences, whatever they are, and will give you the skills and confidence to embrace your birth experience – even if it doesn’t go the way you hoped or expected.”

“We both really loved this course. I have been suffering from perinatal depression and I feel like this kind of friendly, caring and informative contact face to face with an experienced, friendly person is what I needed. I feel so much better about the birthing process. My perinatal depression issues relate more to becoming a parent, so I will be in touch regarding the parenting class to get more support. The public system could take a leaf out of your book for improvement, particularly in assisting with treatment of perinatal depression. I cannot express my gratitude at having been able to attend this course.”

The course has given me the confidence to trust my instincts and feel excited about birth. As a first time mum, I feel I have a much better theoretical knowledge of the stages of labour and birth as well as the hormonal responses of the body. I feel prepared to navigate the various paths birth and labour can take and feel prepared to use the various techniques learned to be able to respond calmly to the unexpected.”

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