Today I’m going to share with you some important information every woman must know when it comes to choosing to use the pharmacological options in managing labour. They are tools in your tool kit to help manage labour – but you might want to put them in the bottom of the bag as they come at a cost, to the mother and the baby. When women don’t have the drugs they often experience a natural high which sets her up beautifully for the next stage. Sometimes however, it can be appropriate – to protect the emotional state of the mother and also the baby. Most of the time we don’t need it. I will help you to know when it might be appropriate. This is important information to know when it comes to making decisions. I also give some great advice for those supporting birthing women – how to get her over the hump, if she is asking for the drugs. Enjoy!

How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

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