Lynn Schulte has been a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist for over 30 years and she is the Founder and principal instructor of the Institute for Birth Healing.   Lynn helps pregnant women to balance their body, both before and after birth. She is on a mission to help women prevent and avoid  birth complexity, injury and wounding, by promoting optimal physiology for the labour and pushing stages of birth. Knowing we are more than just our bodies, Lynn works on all levels, physically, energetically, and spiritually with women to help them access their full potential.   She offers a certification process to help birth professionals become Birth Healing Practitioners. 

In this episode, we talk specifically about 3 areas of the body worth focusing on. Balancing the body, promoting good positioning of the baby and avoiding tearing are all great goals and worth preparing for. Fascinating insights from a woman who knows her trade.  Also included in the show notes are links that include her programs, a directory of body workers and some wonderful resources that will support the preparation for birth. I feel so proud to bring you this episode.


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Free resource: Medical Necessity vs Choice

Lynn’s Links: 

Institute for Birth Healing Educational Platform

Clinical Practice


ONLINE COURSE:  Confidence in your Core, Pelvic Floor and More

YouTube: How to Massage your C-Section Scar

YouTube: Closing the Pelvic Bones After


How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

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