It has been great reading everyone’s stories and seeing all the beautiful bubs being born.

OK…..an exciting adventure happened with the birth of ‘big’ Patrick (which is better told in person….cause it has actions…but I’ll try and write a brief summary for you all).

Sarah was due to deliver on the 21st December (but Sare was certain it would arrive a week early), but Christmas came and went, and there was no action the days following, but last Sunday we had to go to the Birth Centre to check on the little bub etc. To our surprise, Sarah’s water’s broke at the Birth Centre so we went home to get some rest and were instructed to come back in the morning for another check up (and to see if Sare may need to be induced on the Tuesday if bub didn’t come naturally).

However…..on Sunday night Sare started having regular contractions around 10pm, with the waves getting more intense around 11.30pm which is when she asked me to call her Mum. I bravely reminded Sarah that this was only Stage 1 of labour, and that she should consider trying to get some sleep before calling her Mum …..Sare gave me that look…….so I picked up the phone immediately and called!!!!

Alison (Sare’s Mum) got to our house at 12pm and sat on the bed with Sare & I. Sare was having contractions and after an hour or so and a quick investigation found that she was around 6cm dilated. RIGHT I thought!!!! Alison called the Birth Centre and asked the staff to run a warm bath as we would soon be making our way in. I on the other hand went into Action Jackson mode, packed the car, brought it to the front of the house, ran on the spot a few times, packed the car with some more very important items….while forever thinking…”loose lips….loose lips!!!! It was at this stage that I heard a different kind of moan come from our bedroom!!!!!!!

OK…..this is where the story gets INTERESTING!!!!!

Running back into the house (close to 1.30am) I was met in the corridor by Alison who calmly said….”I think we will be having your little baby at home”…….that’s right…. AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No we are not HIPPIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Alison informed me that to her surprise Sarah had dilated very, very quickly!!!

I was instructed to call Mel (our primary Midwife) who was already on route to the Birth Centre and have her come to our house instead, as well as an ambulance (which is a regulation).

Mel got to our house close to 2am……and was met at the door by one very calm husband. “How’s your day been Mel? Coolish weather we have been having lately.”

I took Mel through to Sare in our bedroom….looked at my beautiful wife, glanced at both midwife’s and said “LET’S DO THIS”!!! Not quite……Mel and Alison went into action and I was there for loving support.

TO CUT ONE HELL OF A LONG EMAIL SHORT…..at 3.41am beautiful little Patrick was born in our home, in a calm relaxing atmosphere and with no pain relief…..(as the most we could have offered were two Panadol!!!!). Which is amazing to believe as Sare seemed the person most freaked out about “pain” in our classes. She was one hell of a trooper!!!!

Sarah and I are truly thankful to our two professional “guardian angel” midwives (one of which is my mother-in-law) and our birthing course experience to get us through Patrick’s birth.

Here are a few happy snaps!!!

Love and best wishes to all.

Kieran, Sarah & little Patrick!!!!

…….I just hope they remembered to turn off the running bath at the Birth Centre!!!!!

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