I just wanted to write and thank you for your help in preparing us for the birth of our daughter. We took your Transform Parenting course in late 2021 and our daughter, Niamh, was born 17/2/22.  

Prior to taking your course, I was so nervous about the idea of childbirth. Following the course both my husband and I felt confident and prepared for what was ahead- I was even looking forward to experiencing such a beautiful thing.  

Unfortunately, two weeks before our due date it was confirmed that Niamh was breech. I tried acupuncture and the Spinning Babies site with no luck. On the day we were due to have ECV done it was confirmed that Niamh had her cord wrapped twice around her neck, tethering her in place so our best option was to proceed with a C- section. 

For a few days, I was sad at the idea of not having the birth I had started dreaming of but my hubby and I kept up with our meditation and focused on the positives.

The surgery felt scary for both of us but we did some calm breathing and supported each other through. Hubby did an amazing job of filling the operating theatre with so much love and joy. Niamh was born safely to my “labour and love” playlist (she was born to Here Comes the Sun by the Beetles!).

I didn’t require any strong pain relief in the days/weeks post-surgery and I know the calm breathing I learned helped with this. 

Thank you for giving us confidence. We both felt we could remain calm with all the curveballs that were thrown our way and the love that my husband brought to the birth was so incredible. He was able to advocate for me which he learnt from you. 

We highly recommend your course to our friends/family who are pregnant. 

Thank you again,

Sally, Ryan and Niamh McCloy-Bacon

niamhs birth story trasnform parenting canberra antenatal class
niamhs birth story trasnform parenting canberra antenatal class

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