I was truly surprised considering how both Angus and I were when we were newborns. I had a super birthing experience thanks to the course with Tracey.

We found out that Harriet was breach at 36 weeks and went in for an ECV to have her turned around. I used my breathing to get through the procedure (not that it was painful, just uncomfortable). She turned around and engaged straight away. Then about 6 days after her due date I started feeling labour surges at about 2.30 am. They started straight away at about 6 minutes apart. I used the breathing and laboured at home until about 7am. I had had a lovely long shower and watched a funny DVD. Angus was so supportive. Always rubbing my back and giving me water. We left for the hospital more because Angus was concerned about the traffic than anything else. By the time my obstetrician came in at 8am I was 9cm dilated. I continued to labour away and the ob broke my waters at 9am. I started using gas at this point because I quickly got the urge to bear down.

By 11am I was going nowhere. I could get her head to crown but no further. The ob discussed our options and we decided to give the suction cup a go. After two surges my baby was born. She was so peaceful with no crying at all. She was placed on my stomach and after I delivered the placenta I rolled her over and she started to suckle. I was delighted!! Unfortunately, I had received 4th degree tears so I had to go to surgery to be stitched up. The breathing really helped me through my fear of needles and enabled me to remain relatively calm the whole time. The first time I heard her cry was when Angus took her off my breast so I could go to surgery. She is still so calm and rarely cries at all. More squawking and talking than anything. Tracey – thank you! I could not have done it with so little drugs and relatively easily without what you taught us. Angus was also grateful as the course gave him some very defined jobs to do during labour. I think most men feel rather helpless at this time! Unfortunately due to the degree of tearing I will have to have a caesar next time but, just like you said, we are off to India instead of Italy!

Thanks, Annelies

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