Emily will share with us today, two birth stories. The first resulted in a caesarean, the second was a vaginal birth after caesarean. She uses her experiences from the first birth to get very clear on what is important to her having baby number two.

Emily shares her decision making around the models of care and then her subsequent relationships with both care providers. 

She also gives us an insight into her internal evolution through her second pregnancy, because of going through the first birth. Emily cuts down the noise, makes informed decisions that feel right for her – but more importantly starts to really tune into to the inner intelligence of the body and her mother spirit. She describes feeling calm and content in the knowledge that she will know what is right for this baby and this birth. She also feels completely confident, having processed her fears, and is ready to let go of what she cannot control. This conversation touches spaces that we have inside of us that are rarely spoken about in the context of birth. If you want to understand the evolution and wisdom of birth to transition women into motherhood – then this conversation is for you.

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