My husband Rowan and I attended your class on 19-20 September when I was 33 weeks pregnant. At the time I saw labour as a ‘necessary evil’ I needed to endure to meet my son and had only heard of the negative experiences other mothers had had with their labours and births.

After attending your class, I listened to the CD once or twice a day for the rest of my pregnancy and whilst I found it very relaxing I wasn’t sure I really ‘got’ the technique.

When I went into labour, I used the breathing during each wave without really thinking about it. I spent a few hours at home focusing on my breath as I waited for ‘real labour’ (the one I was told by so many mothers was an unbelievably painful experience) to start but when I finally went to the hospital (my husband practically dragged me as I was so comfortable at home!) I found out I was fully dilated and my beautiful son Eamon was born 2 hours later! All up the labour was 9 hours.

Thank you for showing me how to embrace labour and birth as a natural and amazing experience. My labour was very empowering and I didn’t have (or need) any medical intervention or pain relief of any kind. I felt 100% in control the entire labour. I also believe that my relaxed approach to labour and birth has made me a more confident mother as I know I gave my son the best possible (a calm and loving) introduction to the world. Our son is now 3 months old and is a very happy settled baby.

Thanks for sharing this amazing technique with us.


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