Our little bundle of joy, Chloe Faith joined the world on Thursday 15th Jan at approx. 1:36am. She weighed in at 3.53 kg and was 50.5 cm’s long.

Things started happening about 6:30pm on Wednesday evening and by 11:30pm surges started to intensify, confined only to the buttock area. The midwives at TCH told us to take a Panadol and go to bed as this was only early labour and it could be days yet before anything would happen. Well ……1 and a half hours later, with more frequent surges in the same area and not being able to go to bed and sleep as recommended, AND with urges to push…. TCH advised us that we could make our way slowly up to the hospital if we wanted to. Something was definitely happening now and making it very hard to get to the car and TCH, I phoned the ambulance and they arrived at our front door step within 5 – 10 mins and within 2 mins, the lovely South African paramedic welcomed Chloe to the world in the comfort of our home.

What an experience…..

Soon Laura and Chloe were taken by the ambulance to the TCH for a check-up and left 10 minutes before I did. I arrived at TCH 5 mins before they did…. After I was let into the delivery suite, the mid wives had prepared the delivery room for us but were surprised to see me without Laura. I advised she is coming up in an ambulance and I thought she would already be here. They were blown away that in less then an hour since we had called them that the situation had changed so suddenly.

Well, that’s all history now. Laura was so calm and focused throughout the whole process that it just amazed me.

I hope everyone is going well with their own bundles of joy and keeping safe…..

It would be great to be able to catch up again with everyone for a picnic maybe ……if anyone would be interested, let me know.

“We would like to thank everyone for their emails that have come through and to Tracey for her continued support.

Adam, Laura and Chloe Myers.”

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