Chanelle shares with us her decision making process when she decided to have her baby at home. Pushing beyond other people’s opinions isn’t always easy and we discuss in detail the wisdom of women to know where they feel safest to give birth. She shares the importance of getting her mind to be ok should she need to transfer, and to surrender to the mystery of what lies ahead.

Chanelle ends up with a long labour, and yet uses her mindset to go into a trance state, maintaining her capacity to keep going. She goes into a state of timelessness and the length of her labour does not worry her at all. She pushes her baby out, births the placenta and has a perineum that is completely intact. A very straightforward, uncomplicated birth that all women should listen to to remind us that birth can be this way, to counteract much of the fear surrounding the birth process. She also shares with us her mother- beast awakening. Enjoy dear ones, and allow her story to inspire you to open your mind to what is possible.

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