Alicia in her pregnancy didn’t really believe she could have an unmedicated birth, but after doing the ‘Transform Your Birth’ course she starts to open her mind to new ways of thinking. She ends up not even wanting the drugs during her labour.  I loved the level of detail Alicia goes into when sharing her story. She weaves together the different twists and turns of her birth experience and the impact it had on her mindstate.

She was exceptional in how she adapted, from going in to have an induction, and being sent home because they were too busy. This happened twice! She was incredibly gracious, and on the third attempt they were able to get the labour going. She shares how she managed the intensity of labour,  vaginal examinations and how she made the different decisions by asking questions. Such great wisdom in this episode. Enjoy listening to Alicia’s story.


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How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

How partners can make your labour easier and shorter.

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