Please note – all workshops are currently held online via Zoom.

These workshops are for parents and caregivers of children aged 1 to 5.

Toddlers and preschoolers can be frustrating, embarrassing and a mystery when it comes to managing them and keeping them safe, especially in public. There’s nothing like a big meltdown to test your resolve and patience. We have all been there.

As parents it can be hard to know how to calm the emotions of toddlers and preschoolers and get them to listen to you.

These workshops translate the research and theory into practical tips and tricks you can use to navigate the everyday challenges we inevitably face with our little ones.

Children at this age are laying the foundations for higher order functioning, which involves the regulation of emotions and behaviour, consciousness and awareness and also learning and memory. The establishment of these capacities start through healthy attachment to those closest and socialisation. In other words, children develop well when they feel loved, secure and engaged with socially to mimic these important attributes. Understanding this will help you to develop more patience and understanding when you know what is going on. It also helps parents to develop realistic expectations and cultivate the right messages and values that will lead to a beautiful bond, even through the challenging times.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how your child’s brain is wired and how it develops.
  • Leave with lots of ideas for understanding your child’s emotions and start to support them to learn the important task of regulating emotions.
  • Learn to understand your own triggers, and identify the emotions that you find challenging in your child.
  • Learn the art of communicating and connecting – making life more fun, peaceful, and meaningful.
  • Be given time to identify your biggest challenges and reflect on what you can do differently.

Our goal for you is to have at least one strategy that you can go home and start straight away.

We would like to support both parents to come along by offering the reduced price for the second partner.

Parenting Young Children Workshop

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