Sarah had a straightforward pregnancy and then was facing induction. She exercises her capacity to negotiate the stages of induction by giving herself time to see if each stage is enough to kick off her labour. This works really well for her as she only ends up needing the gel on her cervix. Her waters break spontaneously, and she manages to avoid the syntocinon. Her labour ends up progressing quite quickly. She talks about the tens machine and the gas, and how they were useful for her. She had an urge to push, but the midwives suggested it was too early not feeling she could have progressed so quickly. She did progress quickly, and we discuss rate of progress. She finds being on her back was a good position for her. She marvels at how she was able to overcome an episiotomy that gets infected. Sarah’s story reminds us that we can get through things that previously we might have resisted. She finishes with – you’ve got this mamma. We are far more resilient than we realise. Enjoy her story, it has much to teach us.

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