Reflections on my Personal Meditation Practice

It was the first day of my training, over 14 years ago, when I was listening to Peter Jackson, the founder of Calmbirth, talk about the role of the subconscious in childbirth. I was smitten, not only with Peter’s lovely kind manner and his relaxing voice but also his wisdom on this topic. We all know the mind and body are connected, but it was the first time I had really thought about the programming of the subconscious. How our beliefs and perceptions not only influence how we experience our reality, they also influence how our body responds to our reality, this includes childbirth! You may also be interested to read my blog on Choosing your State of Mind

I started working on myself. When deciding on the pattern of behaviour I wanted to change, I came up with a long list, it kind of resembled my weekly grocery list! Top of the list was a constant feeling of pressure and the need to be organised. Having 4 sons certainly pushes the limits of organisation to breaking point. I also knew at a deeper level that these feelings were based on underlying thoughts that were so strong, they were even making their way into my dreams. I continually had dreams of travelling places, and not being ready, always feeling pressured. 

Hypnotherapy, meditation, and some really practical mind tools have helped check off many of the items that were on my list – and then some – the list keeps growing 😊. You know you are making progress when your teenage son says to you “Mum, just go and meditate!” I felt like shoving my meditation pillow down his throat – obviously, I needed to meditate!

Since that time, I have discovered many wonders of meditation and studied with some world leaders in the field of mind-body sciences. Perhaps the greatest being Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe not only helps people to understand their own minds and bodies through a mastery of the sciences, but he has refined a process for people to reprogram themselves using meditation and breathing practices. He is working with big researchers who are tracking and measuring the experiences of people as they meditate, and the mechanisms behind the process of reprogramming our minds, bodies, and even genes. He also ventures into the supernatural. I’ve been reprogramming my mind and doing his meditations daily ever since.

On a personal note, they have helped me to navigate life’s challenges. Last year I went through an extremely tough journey that lasted about 13 months. It felt like the gift that just kept on giving – offering me experiences that gave me the opportunity to continue monitoring my thoughts and emotions; my reactivity, my moments of going back into unconscious patterns of behaviour. I’d love to say that all those years of meditating turned me into a zen master of non-attachment during the ordeal. However, this was not quite the case. This situation challenged me on every level and at times it wasn’t pretty.

In saying that, it’s hard to know what would have been, had I not adopted a daily practice of meditation. All I can say for sure is, I am so grateful to these practices for giving me the ability to observe myself, forgive myself with kindness when I didn’t react well, and for being an anchor to attach myself to when the storms were raging, both internally and externally. I’m grateful for the growth this experience provided.

As a hypnotherapist and educator – these understandings for me have become my superpower in supporting others to make changes. Whether it be preparing for birth, becoming the parent they want to be, assisting with breathing retraining, or addressing specific issues through my Rapid Transformational Therapy practice. I have been on fire. Life has become much more like a puzzle, with these teachings and tools – there isn’t much that can’t be reframed, retrained, and reimagined. Life is good and we are more powerful than we imagine. 

Get onto the meditation train and see where it takes you. My meditations are a great start but don’t stop there. The adventure is worth the discipline and time. And, really what else can carry you through struggles and the mystery – and leave you feeling empowered and the creator of your own life?

Sending you all lots of love for the work you do as parents.

Tracey x

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