Rapid Transformational Therapy to Help You Grow as a Parent

“I can’t help it, I fly off the handle at the most ridiculous things.”

“I’m not the parent I want to be, I seem to have this pent-up anger, and my daughter triggers me.”

“I’m sick of feeling anxious all the time. I have this continual fear that something bad is going to happen.”

These are typical statements highlighting subconscious programs – thoughts, feelings and behaviours that continue even though your rational mind has decided this isn’t working for you anymore.

In all the sessions I do with my clients, it never ceases to amaze me – the intelligence of the system, when you excavate your history and discover how these behaviours got there in the first place. There is always a moment in time when the mind decided this particular pattern of behaviour is going to protect you. You see, that is the nature of the subconscious mind. it is very primal in its intentions – to keep you alive and protected. That’s it! It has no care whether you are happy, fulfilled or even sane. So, things need to change after a while as we outgrow the old program and make way for a new way of being.

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy work?

It is a therapy developed by an amazing UK-based therapist called Marisa Peer. This therapy has won many awards and has been proven to be highly effective in getting results quickly. It is a combination of proven strategies to change the mind, the primary one being hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has been recognised as a tool to access the subconscious, where the origins of the program are created – and therefore can be recreated. Hypnosis is a very common state, involving the slowing down of the brain waves. It’s like when you stare at a baby and are completely immersed in the experience of watching them – mesmerized. It’s a trance state. Have you ever found yourself just staring at the television, without even paying attention, but you continue to stare? This is also a trance state that we all do at different times.  You are open to suggestions from the world around you when you are in this state. This is what advertisers bank on – brainwashing you to buy their product whilst watching TV 😊

    The Method

    We use a great little eye trick and some powerful metaphors that have the effect of slowing down the brain waves quite quickly,  showing you clearly how you can make your mind do things by giving it good suggestions. You will continue to be aware of what is going on around you, and feel very relaxed at the same time. We then ask your brilliant mind to respond to some questions and statements, in order to understand where the problem started. Once you have this powerful understanding, you are then asked if you are ready to change. Using a menu of different strategies, the therapist helps you reframe and create a new updated pattern of behaviour. They then create a personalised script just for you, based on your new goals. This recording gets listened to every day for about one month, in order to reinforce the new pattern.

    The Results

    The idea that we can change our minds so quickly is not one promoted in the world of therapy. There is often an expectation that talking about issues in the past and providing tools for the future can take years. Marisa Peer highlights that when we understand the nature of the mind and use proven tools to get into the back-end of the system, then we can change the program quickly – hence the name Rapid Transformational Therapy. It has certainly been my experience that one session is mostly enough for the issues I have worked with. My clients notice significant changes. They do however often come back to work on other challenges they might have. Without the risk of sounding too magical in thinking, there are of course challenges that people have that are interconnected, with secondary gains that might require further sessions.

    Working with RTT has been a total joy for me, both personally and professionally when helping others. What I love the most is that in every session, when you get to the point of understanding why you have been experiencing yourself and your life in a particular way (and that ultimately it was to protect you) it can eliminate all the guilt, shame and frustration in that one moment. It always makes sense. Learning the rules of the mind and how to change it has been one of the greatest gifts of my career, and it has been a wonderful addition to the support we offer our families.

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