Moving Forward in a World With COVID

Reclaiming Our Community and Connection

Hello my dear, thanks for tuning in.

I had my first in-person class over the weekend, since the lockdown. It was so lovely to have people back in the training room.

I was acutely aware of the fear levels of people in the room, as COVID looms large in our minds, and this is certainly seen more in some than others.

This is a virus, and like all viruses, there is a risk of transmission. With this comes the potential of becoming sick, and then very sick. The risk of even potentially passing away is there which seems like a very random and unfortunate lottery that we have to face now. And, worst of all, anyone can get it. It is yet another mystery we must walk into.

What isn’t a mystery is this virus relies on our immune system to respond.

We know, with age and with co-morbidities, it becomes more deadly. We all want to protect people who are more vulnerable in our society.

Our blessed politicians are doing the best they can to protect us with the vaccination roll out and with lockdowns. We also know that the vaccinations haven’t been as effective as first thought. Nor are they effective for as long as was first anticipated, which is why we are talking boosters, and the vaccinations need to be modified for these new covid variants. 

After all of this, we also know that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still catch and transmit COVID. 

Not a pretty picture really, is it?

The Result…

This leaves people feeling scared, and rightly so. The media reporting also doesn’t help because we are continually being exposed to rates of people catching COVID and stories with a good headline.

So, I decided to put together some COVID tactics, to help my beloved families. I hope this will encourage you to have more confidence moving through your life and navigating this new world we now live in. 

Reclaiming Our Life, And Our Power

Unfortunately, we’re not in control of this virus – damn it! It’s eluding us at every turn and mutating.

To move forward into a better future, it’s my strong belief that we all now need to get onboard with the little reality of learning to live with it. To reclaim our lives, and our power.

Let’s focus on what we can influence;

The immune system is a highly complex and powerful protective mechanism we have in our bodies. Best of all, we can help it do its thing and support it by being mindful of a few factors within our life:

  • Lower your stress – Yes, my darling ones, those relaxations I give you are just so useful for this. Other great ways to lower your stress is to take up yoga, go for regular walks/runs, or even lift weights. Stress in the body, rediverts your resources and immune system into emergency mode. When we downregulate our stress response, we give our bodies the ammunition to better take on anything that is harmful to the body – including this virus.
  • What you fear you fuel – If you’re continually watching the statistics and COVID updates – you’re bound to get scared. Whilst we need to know somethings, we don’t need to know it all – especially if it creates fear inside of us. Protect your mental state and do things that make you happy. Not mindlessly scrolling on your phones – but laugh out loud happy. Laughter, joy, dancing, and play are all things that will strengthen your immune system and mindset.
  • Take your supplements – We know Vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc are all good supporters of the immune response. Eat foods that are high in all these vitamins, and if you feel like you need more support, see your Naturopath.
  • Watch your diet – Eat foods that are healthy, and rich in vitamins and minerals to support your body to be at the tops of its game.
  • Talk to your GP – It’s a great idea to discuss early treatment options for COVID with your GP. There are many doctors now who are putting together protocols to start treating the early signs of COVID, with a lot of success. Once COVID gets to hospital and ICU stage, then it’s much harder to manage and recover from. We know this virus is a clotting and inflammation disease. There are many medications that can support the body to deal with this, and your doctor should be on top of this. If they look at you blankly (like mine did) and refer you to ICU protocols – it’s time to get another doctor. Early treatment will be the key to avoiding hospitalisation. 
  • Try to keep COVID out of your conversations – I found that every person I met, it was the first topic of discussion. I now aim to turn the tide and focus on other things. This thing called COVID has taken up enough of our lives.
  • Do not judge people – The way individuals are handling the pandemic, and the choices they are making are their own to make. You do not know what their fears are, or their medical history. We’re all doing the best we can under the circumstances. Practice compassion and love for our fellow humans – that alone will strengthen your immune response.
  • Stay connected to others – Human connection is the fabric of our sense of wellbeing and has been proven to support immunity. Do this is whatever way that makes you feel safe.
  • There is no need to fall into the trap of “Them and Us” – That is based on the assumption there is a “right way”, and a “wrong way” to deal with a situation like this. The management of COVID is a work in progress – trial and error – course correction. Our politicians are currently incredibly invested in one way, and we crucify them when they change tact. We have to stop that, and realise that when we know better, we can do better, and they have the right to change policies.
  • Trust your body – This body is the only one you have. Don’t judge your body when it’s out of balance, do your best to support your health. We have much more of a role in this than our governments have been telling us. The media narrative has been incredibly geared towards making us the victims of this terrible virus. I beg to differ – we’re far more powerful than we think.

If you do get covid, get early treatment. The benefit of getting covid is that you will have built a more robust immunity and a much greater freedom to live your life with less worry of being a transmitter. 

Our Life Beyond Lockdown

In the end, I think we can all agree that COVID isn’t going to disappear. This virus is going to continue to mutate into other variants and be a part of our lives for years to come. It’s about time we talked about strengthening our personal health (our immune system) and that of our children. We should also be talking about ways in which we can protect those most vulnerable.

If ever there was a silver lining to this situation – I believe it to be this:

We need to wake up and start looking after ourselves and our health. Stop outsourcing this valuable asset to others – it is yours for life. 

Live well, love well, look after your bodies and your babies.


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