Lyndsay very generously shares with us her journey giving birth to her 4 children. Her third child, precious Frankie, passed away two days after being born. This heartbreaking loss gave way to a family journey of grief and finding ways to live with this excruciating pain. She has a dream that shows her that her family is not complete – and they ultimately end up welcoming their 4th child into the world.

A tender story of grief transformed.  Now they are behind an initiative to help families who lose a child,  support the siblings with books as a catalyst to bring words to their children’s grief. I was deeply moved by Lyndsay’s ability to speak with such love and care for people everywhere who go through the experience of loss. Bringing this topic to the podcast helps us all to understand this harrowing journey – that ultimately we must all experience when we lose someone we love.

A big thank you to Lyndsay and her family for allowing us into their world.

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