It was an amazing and interesting natural birth.  Our preparation with our doula Ingrid, the course with Tracey and yoga breathing definitely got us through.

I managed the labour at home by myself from about 5am to 2.30pm – I listened to the meditations, did some housework, yoga, used aromatherapy and had a bath. My partner Amit arrived home from work at 2.30pm and helped me focus on my breathing.

I was probably in transition from about 4pm. That was a bit of a shock because at the time I didn’t realise I was in transition and as it was my first baby we thought it may go on for hours.  At this point the ‘waves’ were quite intense and painful but I remained calm and confident in my body.

Ingrid arrived soon afterwards, my waters broke at 5.20pm, we left for the hospital at 5:25pm (in peak hour) and delivered a healthy baby boy in the hospital foyer at 5:53pm in a semi squat (luckily Ingrid managed to catch him because it happened so fast).  Even the receptionist was impressed at how calm we all were! I delivered the placenta naturally about 10 minutes later.

The ‘waves’ certainly were efficient!

Jane, Amit & Leon

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