Kate was quite fearful of birth in her early pregnancy and then goes on to study birth deeply which helps shift her mindset.

In her later pregnancy she is diagnosed with preeclampsia and needs to face an induction. During the process she is feeling rushed by her medical professionals and locks herself in the bathroom for a couple of hours. By reclaiming her space and doing it when she was ready, allowed her to endure a very long labour without any need for pain relief.  She puts on noise cancelling headphones to zone out from the activity in her room. She listens to her own breath which helps her get into the zone. She also asks for the syntocinon to be turned down, so it mimics a normal labour. She talks about not feeling the time, even though it was a long labour, and asked her caregivers to not refer to time.

She loved the pushing phase and felt zero pain and avoids an episiotomy. She discusses healing from tearing. She also had a big bleed after the birth – but through all of those things she was just so pleased and proud of herself. She feels it set her up beautifully for parenting. Kate’s story reminds us that we are enough to birth our babies, even when we need help. 

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