Jemima chooses to have a homebirth and it is her second birth. Her first child was born 22 years previously.  She had to overcome her own fear of the pain from her first experience when she was very young. She felt that she had failed, and judged herself very harshly. This birth gave her the opportunity to understand and reframe her previous experience, by seeing birth as a rite of passage, not a place where we need to perform and live up to some perceived expectations.

She had a posterior labour, and a long early labour. She tethered herself to the breath, as her primary tool, and her partner was her rock. She talks about using the meditations to prevent her mind going into dark places, and ultimately lets go of the worry of her baby’s position. She and her husband create a beautiful environment to labour in and she experienced wonderful support from her midwife, partner, mother and sister – a truly family affair.

Towards the end Jemima also shares her decision making process when it came to having a homebirth.

Some great insights into the mystery of birth are revealed in this story – enjoy!

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