Henry’s Birth Story

I honestly don’t know where to begin. As I write this, I am overwhelmed with happy tears and I can’t wait to share my story with you. First, let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for empowering me with the tools I needed to have the most incredible birth experience of my life. Thank you for showing me that even if you have a tough first experience (complete understatement), the power of the mind can transform birth into something that is beyond beautiful.  

When Daniel and I walked into your two-day class in May, I had no idea of the enormously positive influence you would have on my birth only two months later. After the experience I had birthing my son George there was still a massive part of me that doubted whether a calm birth with no pain relief was really even possible, but my goodness was I wrong to doubt myself. I will be forever grateful to you. So here is my amazing birth story, please feel free to share. 

 … on Tuesday 4 July at 11pm I felt my first contraction. I knew what it was immediately but didn’t want to get too excited in case it was yet again another onset of pregnancy gas lol. I ran myself a bath, got some of my favourite snacks and water and played my favourite meditation track of yours ‘Inner Guidance by the Campfire’. I immediately relaxed. 

Over an hour in the bath, I got three more contractions. This was it! Labour had started! Danny and I packed the rest of the hospital bag and we cuddled in bed trying to relax, but we were too excited that we were going to meet our baby so soon. The contractions came quite quickly after that, first every 10 minutes, then every 8 and before we knew it, we were in the car driving to the hospital with contractions 3 minutes apart. 

We got to hospital at 3am Wednesday 5 July. It was such a busy night at the hospital, I had the only room that was left and it was tiny, dark and nothing like I pictured it would be in my head. I was immediately disappointed. Dan the AMAZING man said “Remember what Tracey said… birth with love under all circumstances, it doesn’t matter where you birth our baby, you already have the tools to make this amazing”. My god, I love that man. He was right. I already had everything I needed.  

I tried different positions, bouncing on the ball, a bit of a dance with Danny, and tried walking around but in the end, lying on my right side on the bed while cuddling Dan was the best position for me to ride my waves. Each wave that came was stronger, longer and more intense than the last but yet somehow they were never more than I could handle. I had your ‘Labour Dance’ meditation on repeat in the background and I focused on your voice and surfed each and every wave. There were times that Dan thought I was asleep and couldn’t time my contractions because my breathing became so rhythmic and I barely moved at all. I truly believed in my body. I pictured my uterus contracting and slowly pulling back with every wave and let the pressure radiate through my body. 

At 5am a room with a bath had become available and I was so excited. I got in the warm bath and felt so relaxed. This is exactly where I wanted to be. With Danny by my side coaching me through the increasing waves, I felt so supported and calm. Then all of a sudden…. I reaaaally felt the urge to poo. I got so emotional, broke down and started crying out “I don’t want to pooooooo! I don’t want to poooooo!” Looking back now I’m cackling with laughter and remembered your story about your floating poo. Danny and the midwives were so calming and said “Let it go, let it out and don’t hold back.” With every wave, the feelings became stronger and all of a sudden I felt completely overwhelmed, I started yelling “I’m scared, I can’t do this. I cannot do thiiiiiis.” Dan said “birth with love baby, you got this, he’s coming!” I now know that I was in transition. 

At 7:37 am Wednesday 5 July, I birthed my son, Henry Alexander, a total of 2.5 hours labour and I did it IN THE WATER WITH NO PAIN RELIEF! I couldn’t stop saying ‘oh my god, I did it. I did it!!!’ Lying in bed afterwards having baby cuddles and in our complete love bubble, I turned to Dan and in pure happiness said, “oh my god I can’t wait to tell Tracey.” haha!! 

I truly cannot believe the difference between my two births. They could not have been more opposite. Both brought me two very happy and healthy boys and I am beyond grateful for that but I keep looking back and I still can’t believe I birthed baby Henry just like you said, with love and calmly under all circumstances. The fact that I did it with absolutely no pain relief blows my mind. Anyone who knows me knows I have a very low pain threshold but I was so prepared for this birth and never felt at any point that the waves were bigger than me, because they were me. This truly was the perfect birth. I’m so beyond grateful that I took your class. I can’t wait to share it with the world and will always recommend you to every birthing mumma. You’re incredible. Thank you.

Below is a photo of our gorgeous Henry and my birth mantra that I took to the hospital. 

With love and gratitude 

Krystelle Raiser


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