I went to my last ob appointment at 39 weeks where they told me that the baby was facing posterior  and not engaged. I was booked into the hospital for an induction on her due date which was Anzac day.  The doctors didn’t want her to be born after this as I had gestational diabetes and that can sometimes end up in complications if the baby is overdue.

On Thursday, after almost 2 weeks of raspberry leaf tea, I was still feeling nothing so went onto Tracey’s website and looked up the acupuncture doctor she had recommended in the classes. I called my doctor and told him the situation. He said that it was probably a bit late as he would usually do 4 treatments over 4 days to induce labour and he was fully booked up for the day. He was really helpful and said he can squeeze me in around 2 if I could wait for a room. They were closed over Easter and it was the last day he could see me before I was to be induced. When I got to the clinic he told me I should not expect too much, but he would do the best he could in one session. He was hopeful that he could at least try and get the baby to turn and be ready for Monday to make the birth easier. As I couldn’t make it back for the other sessions he gave me some homework, some spots to press over the long weekend and during the birth.

That night at about 4 I woke up and felt a bit strange. Tried to go back to sleep and then I woke Christian at 4.30. I jumped in the shower and we started timing – 2 mins apart! I called the hospital but they said – no, it’s just early you should go back to sleep or wait until you are in tears. You are not in labour now, call back tomorrow. She said I can come in to get checked over if I like but they would more than likely send me home. We waited a while and then I decided – no this is it.  So we jumped in the truck and started the drive to Canberra hospital – with a detour to the petrol station!

Arrived at the hospital at 6 and was taken straight in to delivery room where they checked and I was 7cm. I had 2 lovely midwifes and Christian was excellent too, very supportive and kept reminding me to breathe and relax! The time went really quickly for me and It was just like described in the classes, it was not painful but it was pressure, and very intense. I could imagine freaking out if I hadn’t been to the class. All of the sudden I had the urge to push. I had planned to do the birth standing up but I had to birth laying down as her heart rate was too high. I don’t think it took many pushes at all, and there was only a bit of a sting when the head came out.

Christian helped deliver her which shocked me because he always told me he was not going to look! He was very glad the midwifes gave him this opportunity.

I ended up having to get 2 stitches. The most painful part of the whole birth was getting the needles for the local anaesthetic!

It was not the orgasmic experience we heard it could be – but it was not painful. I have already recommended Tracey’s course to friends.

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