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Calmbirth in Canberra is a lighthouse in the Canberra community in how we support our families during pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Not only do we prepare couples for birth, but we offer many other resources and support during pregnancy. From local health experts in this field, to programs supporting your transition into parenthood.

During the Calmbirth classes, you will learn and practice simple yet powerful techniques for pregnancy, birth & beyond.

By joining our Calmbirth course,
you will get access to:

  •  A highly experienced and qualified Calmbirth educator who bring a wealth of experience and expertise in pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
  •  Access to our private online Calmbirth community group. These group continue to support you in your preparation, and surround you with like-minded people.
  •  You are welcome to revisit any Calmbirth course for free during this pregnancy. 
  •  After the Calmbirth course if anything changes during your pregnancy, we are only a phone call away. Assisting you with asking the right questions and being in the best mindset possible. 
  •  We continue to send information and resources to support your planning and readiness to birth. 
  •  Contact with parenting programs and support that follow on from where Calmbirth leaves you. 
•  Connection with a network of local specialists that are the best in their chosen field. Tracey is the co-founder of The Mother Hub. A group of Canberra health professionals who work together and dedicate themselves to high quality, support, advice and practice. We deliver our services with kindness and care that leaves people feeling confident rather than inadequate.
  •  Access to Calmbirth refresher classes for future pregnancies at a reduced cost.

What are Parents Saying?

Tracey’s passion is obvious and it comes out in her delivery of the course. She exudes warmth and kindness from the very beginning, with her greeting us at the entrance. We really enjoyed her presenting style and interesting and enthusiastic story-telling. The course was great and the content was well-delivered.


Tracey’s non-judgemental approach and calm, open demeanour created a beautiful atmosphere where we felt comfortable and receptive. I think the course is particularly important for partners and I loved how Tracey engaged them and made them take notes!! I would absolutely recommend the course with Tracey and I’m looking forward to the next instalment – Transform Parenting!


Tracey’s teachings are a MUST for all parents-to-be, regardless of whether it’s your 1st or 5th baby! It will empower you to make decisions that are right for YOU and your baby, and the strength and wisdom to guide others to facilitate that experience. Couldn’t recommend highly enough and I am eternally grateful to Tracey for her love during and after the birth of our son.


I regularly recommend this course to everyone (pregnant or not), it changes your perception of birth and makes you feel so empowered! It turns it from this ‘scary’ experience, to something beautiful and exciting! I felt so empowered after my class I literally couldn’t wait to give birth!


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Tracey Anderson Askew

Tracey is the Director of Transform Parenting. She has 18 years experience working with new parents and 12 years experience as an educator and Birth Support Person. Tracey has four children and absolutely loves watching people change from being anxious about having their baby, to excited to become a calm parent.



0414 267 791


12 Kett Street, Kambah, Canberra, ACT

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